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Taking profit on OCBC Bank

The recent rally in Singapore’s market has given us plenty of reasons to smile.

2012Dec-OCBC Bk-800x600


OCBC Bank is now trading at the tip of our channel. We believe the stock is currently overbought and it is time for harvest.

Sell OCBC @ $9.85


Evergrande Real Estate

We are shifting the money from the sales of Genting Singapore to Hongkong listed Evergrande Real Estate. Once again, this is a China property developer company with low PE ratio.

Buy Evergrande Real Estate @ $3.59.

Getting rid of Genting Singapore

Disappointing results, bad business decision on Echo’s deal, negative government policies etc etc. There are many reasons we felt Genting Singapore will not be recovering in the near future. This has got to be one of the worst trades we’ve made. It’s time to cut the pain.

Sell Genting Singapore @ $1.23.

Poly Property Group

Poly Property Group (HK:119) had manage to increase their 2H sales figure with higher area sold at significantly higher price per sqm too. The company also had a decent debt ratio of 0.72 (as compared to competitors) and a decent P/E of approx 6.

We are quietly confident on a rally in China’s property market after long periods of depression due to tightening measures. This should be a stock for 2013.

Buy Poly Property Group @ $4.90